Celebrate bugs in your ecommerce site

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 | Commerce Strategy

Surjit Bharath

Director of Hidden Foundry

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The virtues of finding flaws before they find your customers


When we create websites, especially for online shopping, we aim to make them easy and enjoyable to use. But there's a key step in making sure they work well: Negative Testing.

Negative testing means deliberately trying to break our sites by using them in ways they weren't intended to be used. We do this to make sure they can handle mistakes or unexpected actions without crashing or causing problems. It's like testing the limits of a car's safety features before it hits the road.


Why Negative Testing is Important

Checking Forms and Searches: We make sure that if someone enters something wrong or unexpected, the site still responds helpfully.

Making Sure Only the Right People Get In: We test to keep user information safe and make sure people can't access things they shouldn't.

Ensuring Shopping Works Smoothly: We check what happens if you try to use an expired coupon or if the shopping cart is empty, to make sure the site guides you correctly.

Communicating Errors Well: We ensure that if something goes wrong, the site tells you what happened and what to do next in a clear way.

But this isn't just about fixing mistakes. It's about making sure our online stores are as strong, safe, and user-friendly as they can be. It's about thinking ahead and being ready for anything, which helps keep our customers happy and trust us more.


The Big Picture

In today's world, having a strong online presence is crucial, and earning customer trust is key. Negative testing helps make sure our online stores are ready for anything, ensuring they work well and keep data safe, which in turn helps maintain our customers' trust and satisfaction.

As we keep pushing forward with new ideas and technologies, remembering the importance of negative testing is like remembering to wear a safety net. It's what keeps our digital world running smoothly and safely, ensuring a great experience for everyone.