Expand Content Area Addon for Content Delivery API

19/09/2022 Surjit Bharath
Expand content area properties to load nested contact areas recursively to a customizable level

Add Authorization to Content Tabs

12/09/2022 Surjit Bharath
Hide tabs from editor who don't have the correct role

Merging carts when customer logs in on Commerce 14

03/08/2022 Surjit Bharath
Merging carts when logging in from an anonymous state in Commerce 14

Extending Login Path for Optimizely CMS & Commerce in .NET6

15/07/2022 Surjit Bharath
Redirect the user elsewhere instead of the default Optimizely login page when attempting to access a secured resource.

Create CMS 12 Projects using dotnet command

17/03/2022 Surjit Bharath
Learn to use CLI and dotnet command to create new cms / commerce projects and perform admin actions.