106 Packages Updated to NET 5

Name Author Downloads Description Updated
AceEditor 12.1.1 Hieu Nguyen Trung, David Knipe 472 Integrate AceEditor into EPiServer 12/05/2022
AdaptiveImages ted&gustaf 3 Powerful images properties in Optimizely. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Azure ted&gustaf 3 Provides support for using blob storage for image caching. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Cloudinary ted&gustaf 2 Adds support for Cloudinary image optimization and CDN delivery. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Cumulus ted&gustaf 2 Requires Cumulus DAM. Makes Cumulus images searchable in the Optimizely UI for use with the Adaptive Images add-on. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Flickr ted&gustaf 2 Makes Flickr images searchable in the Optimizely UI for use with the Adaptive Images add-on. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Pickit ted&gustaf 2 Requires Pickit DAM. Makes Pickit images searchable in the Optimizely UI for use with the Adaptive Images add-on. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Pixabay ted&gustaf 2 Makes Pixabay images searchable in the Optimizely UI for use with the Adaptive Images add-on. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Powerinit ted&gustaf 2 Makes Powerinit BMC images searchable in the Optimizely UI for use with the Adaptive Images add-on. 23/03/2023
AdaptiveImages.Unsplash ted&gustaf 3 Makes Unsplash images searchable in the Optimizely UI for use with the Adaptive Images add-on. 23/03/2023
Addon.Episerver.EnvironmentSynchronizer 1.2.9 Ove Lartelius, Linus Ekström 6 Environment synchronizer helps you to set your environment into a known state after synchronizing databases between environments. 20/03/2023
AddOn.Episerver.Settings 4.0.0 Linus Ekström, Jeroen Stemerdink, Erik Kärrsgård 1001 A typed settings system for Optimizely built on standardized ContentData. 11/12/2022
AddOn.Optimizely.ContentAreaLayout 3.0.0 Joshua Folkerts, Erik Kärrsgård, Blend Interactive, Wezz Balk 835 AddOn.Optimizely.ContentAreaLayout is an extension to Episerver/Optimizely that makes it possible to add layout blocks that will control how the next x blocks will display. 11/01/2023
Advanced.CMS.AdvancedReviews 1.3.3 github.com/advanced-cms 35 Context aware smart reviewing. Allow external reviewers to access unpublished data. Provide token-based, expirable links to any content version. Visually express issues in reviewed content by highlighting or adding screenshots. 20/03/2023
Advanced.CMS.GroupingHeader 3.0.0 github.com/advanced-cms 841 Allow to group properties using headers 15/12/2022
Advanced.CMS.MediaDownload 3.0.0 github.com/advanced-cms 502 Episerver extension that allows to download media from folder as zip file 15/12/2022
Advanced.CMS.TimeProperty 3.0.1 github.com/advanced-cms 805 Episerver property used to store and edit 24 hours time. 22/12/2022
Alloy.HideTabs 2.0.0 Grzegorz Wiecheć 11358 Allow to hide tab and properties based on conditions 14/03/2022
Blend.Optimizely 2.0.10 Blend Interactive 518 Collection of helpful utilities for Optimizely CMS 12 sites 12/12/2022
BravoSquared.Optimizely.Search 0.8.0 Mike Posthuma, Mike Michaels 8 Adds services to Optimizely CMS sites for Content retrieval from and indexing to BravoSquared 17/03/2022
DbLocalizationProvider.AdminUI.EPiServer 7.5.1 Valdis Iljuconoks, https://tech-fellow.net 5193 Database driven localization provider. Admin UI hosting support package for Optimizely / Episerver sites. 02/01/2023
DbLocalizationProvider.EPiServer 7.5.1 Valdis Iljuconoks, https://tech-fellow.net 5305 Database driven localization provider. Optimizely / Episerver support package. 02/01/2023
Digizuite.Optimizely 3.1.0 Digizuite 1090 The official integration between Digizuite DAM and Optimizely CMS. 13/01/2023
dotcentric.Optimizely.Unpublish 1.1.0 Jacob Pretorius 35 Give editors an intuitive way to unpublish content. 28/10/2022
DoubleJay.Epi.ConfigurableColorPicker 3.0.0 DoubleJay.Epi.ConfigurableColorPicker 134 Configurable color picker for Optimizely CMS 18/01/2023
DoubleJay.Epi.EnhancedPropertyList 2.0.0 Jake Jones 313 Enhances the generic PropertyList in Episerver to visually improve Urls, ContentReferences and images 18/11/2022
EPi.Libraries.BlockSearch 6.1.0 EPi.Libraries.BlockSearch 16 Library to enable indexing of blocks on a page. 05/09/2022
EPi.Libraries.Commerce.ExchangeRates 4.0.1 Jeroen Stemerdink 10 Scheduled job to update the exchange rates in EPiServer Commerce. 24/01/2023
EPi.Libraries.Commerce.ExchangeRates.CurrencyLayer 4.0.1 Jeroen Stemerdink 10 Service to get the exchange rates in EPiServer Commerce, used by the scheduled job. 24/01/2023
EPi.Libraries.Commerce.ExchangeRates.Fixer 4.0.1 Jeroen Stemerdink 9 Service to get the exchange rates in EPiServer Commerce, used by the scheduled job. 24/01/2023
EPi.Libraries.Keywords 6.0.0 Jeroen Stemerdink 2 Add keywords to your page through text analytics. 04/03/2023
EPi.Libraries.Keywords.Azure 6.0.0 Jeroen Stemerdink 2 Add keywords to your page through text analytics in Azure. 04/03/2023
EPi.Libraries.Keywords.Commerce 6.0.0 Jeroen Stemerdink 2 Add keywords to your page through text analytics. 04/03/2023
EPi.Libraries.Localization 6.1.0 Jeroen Stemerdink 59 Library to create translations within an EPiServer site. 05/09/2022
EPi.Libraries.Localization.Azure 6.1.0 Jeroen Stemerdink 15 Azure translation service for the custom localization provider 05/09/2022
Epicweb.Optimizely.QuickNavExtension 6.0.0 Luc Gosso 167 This library contains a QuickNavigation Extension => Adds admin, logout and much more to quicknavigation on public site when logged in - for Optimizely projects. 31/08/2022
Epicweb.Optimizely.RedirectManager 6.0.0 Luc Gosso 232 This library contains a RedirectManager and admin user interface integration in an Optimizely project. 31/08/2022
EPiServer.Azure.StorageExplorer 2.0.0 Mark Hall 11 Provides a storage explorer for Azure blob storage 10/01/2023
EPiServer.CMS.WelcomeIntegration.Core 1.1.1 Optimizely 429 Shared library required by other packages. 07/02/2023
EPiServer.CMS.WelcomeIntegration.UI 1.1.1 Optimizely 429 Support to using the Welcome as a DAM. 07/02/2023
EPiServer.Commerce.PIM 1.2.1 Optimizely 534 Optimizely PIM integration for Optimizely Commerce 08/11/2022
EPiServer.Events.MassTransit 1.0.0 Optimizely 421 EPiServer MassTransit Events 19/04/2022
EPiServer.InstantTemplates 2.0.0 Geta Digital 302 Allows editors to create their own re-usable templates directly from within EPiServer edit mode. 03/10/2022
EPiServer.Search.Cms 10.0.0 Optimizely 457 Package Description 31/05/2022
Eshn.ContentTypeUsage 2.1.0 Linh Doan Cuu 3564 Optimizely CMS admin plugin to managed all content types and their usages. 18/07/2022
ExtendedExternalLinks 1.0.0 https://github.com/gregwiechec 12 Optimizely. 15/03/2022
First3Things.ODPProductAttributeConnector 1.2.0 Johnny Mullaney 5 Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Connector for Optimizely Customized Commerce to sync Product Attribute data to the ODP product catalog 28/02/2023
Fotoware.Plugins.Optimizely FotoWare 230 This Optimizely Addon integrates Fotoware DAM with Optimizely CMS and Commerce 12/12/2022
Geta.NotFoundHandler.Optimizely 5.0.6 Geta Digital 4370 This library contains a NotFound handler Admin user interface integration in an Optimizely project. 10/02/2023
Geta.NotFoundHandler.Optimizely.Commerce 5.0.6 Geta Digital 241 This library contains a NotFound handler Admin user interface integration in an Optimizely Commerce project. 10/02/2023
Geta.Optimizely.Categories 1.0.0 Geta Digital 44363 An alternative to Optimizely's default category functionality, where categories are instead stored as localizable IContent. 30/05/2022
Geta.Optimizely.Categories.Find 1.0.0 Geta Digital 20257 Find extensions for Geta Optimizely Catalog 30/05/2022
Geta.Optimizely.ContentTypeIcons 2.0.2 Geta Digital 14049 Generates images based on FontAwesome (4 and 5) or custom icon font, to be shown when creating new content in Episerver. 02/09/2022
Geta.Optimizely.Extensions 2.1.0 Geta Digital 3194 Geta.EPi.Extensions is library with useful extension methods and helpers for Optimizely. 01/07/2022
Geta.Optimizely.GenericLinks 1.4.5 Geta Digital 3147 Adds an extensible alternative to the LinkItemCollection in Optimizely. 08/12/2022
Geta.Optimizely.GenericLinks.ContentDeliveryApi 1.4.4 Geta Digital 4351 Adds property models and converters for Optimizely ContentDeliveryApi. 12/11/2022
Geta.Optimizely.GeolocationTools 2.0.0 Geta Digital 5602 Geta EPiServer geolocation tools 25/04/2022
Geta.Optimizely.GeolocationTools.Commerce 2.0.0 Geta Digital 5566 Geta EPiServer geolocation tools for Commerce 25/04/2022
Geta.Optimizely.GoogleProductFeed 1.0.0 Geta Digital 25 Creates a Google Product Feed based on the Atom specification for Optimizely Commerce. 13/12/2021
Geta.Optimizely.HotspotsEditor 1.0.0 Geta Digital 5 An editor for image hotspots. 27/01/2023
Geta.Optimizely.ProductFeed 2.3.0 Geta Digital 45 Product Feed core library. 09/08/2022
Geta.Optimizely.ProductFeed.Csv 2.3.0 Geta Digital 28 Creates a CSV Product Feed for Optimizely Commerce. 09/08/2022
Geta.Optimizely.ProductFeed.Google 2.3.0 Geta Digital 43 Creates a Google Product Feed based on the Atom specification for Optimizely Commerce. 09/08/2022
Geta.Optimizely.Sitemaps 3.1.0 Geta Digital 5417 Search Engine Sitemap generator for Optimizely 28/01/2023
Geta.Optimizely.Sitemaps.Commerce 3.1.0 Geta Digital 1268 Search Engine Sitemap generator for Optimizely 28/01/2023
Geta.Optimizely.Tags 2.0.5 Geta Digital 637 Easily add tags to your EPiServer content and use the powerful query engine to get back what you want. 20/12/2022
GlobalLink.Commerce 12.0.0 translations.com 57 GlobalLink Connect for Episerver allows you to create and manage translation projects into different languages from the Commerce editor. Migration is automatically done when running this package. 03/08/2022
GoogleMapsEditor ted&gustaf 10904 Editor for setting coordinates using Google Maps. 10/02/2022
Gulla.Episerver.AutomaticImageDescription 2.0.2 Tomas Hensrud Gulla 79 Automatically populate properties based on image content. 11/01/2023
Gulla.Episerver.AutomaticImageDescription.ScheduledJob 2.0.2 Tomas Hensrud Gulla 6 A scheduled job that automatically populate properties based on image content. 11/01/2023
Gulla.Episerver.SqlStudio 2.6.0 Tomas Hensrud Gulla 187 Adds an admin tool that let you query the SQL database from within Optimizely Content Cloud UI. 20/02/2023
Gulla.Episerver.SuperSecretString 2.0.2 Tomas Hensrud Gulla 8 April Fools: Adds «invisible ink» to your Optimizely (formerly Episerver) CMS installation, that let you store invisible data in the database. Not intended for actual security measures. 14/03/2022
ImagePointEditor 2.2.0 Erik Henningson 2579 Image point property editor for Optimizely/Episerver CMS. Main usage is to be able to set an image focal point. 19/01/2023
Jhoose.Security.Admin Andrew Markham 139 Interface to manage Content Security Policy and OWASP Recomended response headers 26/02/2023
Jhoose.Security.Core Andrew Markham 139 Core package used by the Jhoose Security module 26/02/2023
Klarna.Checkout.v3 4.1.0 Geta Digital 10 Klarna Checkout (kco-v3) integration for Optimizely 14/02/2023
Klarna.Common.v3 4.1.0 Geta Digital 9 Klarna Common (kco-v3) integration for Optimizely 14/02/2023
Klarna.OrderManagement.v3 4.1.0 Geta Digital 9 Klarna Order Management (kco-v3) integration for Optimizely 14/02/2023
Klarna.Payments.v3 4.1.0 Geta Digital 6 Klarna Payments (kco-v3) integration for Optimizely 14/02/2023
Krompaco.SendGridForEpi 2.0.2 Johan Kronberg 7 Service and an Optimizely Content Cloud CMS scheduled job that handles queued SendGrid API POSTs. 30/05/2022
Krompaco.SendGridForEpi.SqlServer 2.0.2 Johan Kronberg 6 Service implementation for SQL Server. Queued SendGrid API POSTs for Optimizely Content Cloud CMS. 30/05/2022
LionbridgeConnector Niteco AB 337 Lionbridge Connector for Optimizely CMS 12 Net 5 27/09/2022
Mediaflow.Optimizely 1.0.4 Mediaflow Europe AB 11 Insert media from Mediaflow DAM to Optimizely. This addon requires a Mediaflow account to work. 15/03/2023
Mogul.SEO.Manager.Package 6.1.7 Decerno 23 SEO Toolbox for EPiServer CMS manages your URLs and optimizes Google ranking. A higher position in search results will generate more visitors and increased visibility, for your content and your brand. Version 6 is for EPiServer 12. Version 5 is for EPiServer 11. Version 4 is for EPiServer 10. Version 3 is for EPiServer 9. Version 2 is for EPiServer 8. Version 1 is for EPiServer 7.5 01/03/2023
Optimizely.CMS.Labs.LiquidTemplating 0.5.0 Optimizely 753 Enable Liquid as a scripting / templating language within CMS 12. 07/10/2022
Optimizely.ContentGraph.Cms 2.2.2 Optimizely 46 .NET Core version of Optimizely CMS content synchronizer for the Optimizely ContentGraph API. 14/03/2023
Optimizely.ContentGraph.Core 2.2.2 Optimizely 46 .Net core version of Optimizely ContentGraph Core library. 14/03/2023
Optimizely.Labs.MarketingAutomationIntegration.ODP 1.0.2 EPiServer Labs,Joshua Folkerts,Kunal Shetye 1397 ODP integration for Optimizely Forms that retrieves its settings from AppSettings config 23/08/2022
PictureRenderer.Optimizely 2.5.0 Erik Henningson 2742 Simplify rendering of HTML picture element. The result is optimized, lazy loaded, and responsive images. 18/01/2023
PowerSlice 5.1.0 EPiServer AB and Abrahamsson Software AB 14212 Easily list EPiServer CMS content for editors 19/07/2022
Screen9.Optimizely.CMS.UI 1.0.3 Screen9 35 Screen9's Video plugin for Optimizely CMS enables publishing of live and on-demand video seamlessly inside Optimizely. The plugin requires a Screen9 account to work. The component has been verified with Optimizely CMS 12.3.0 08/08/2022
SeoBoost 2.0.2 Adnan Zameer 3 SEOBOOST for Optimizely - Improves SEO ranking of the website with HtmlHelper methods for Internationalization i.e hreflang attributes (Alternate links), canonical tag (rel canonical), Breadcrumbs and editable robots.txt 09/03/2023
SiteImprove.Optimizely.Plugin 4.2.1 SiteImprove 34 Optimizely plugin from SiteImprove 15/03/2023
StefanOlsen.Optimizely.Events.Redis 1.2.0 Stefan Olsen 3 Efficient Optimizely EventProvider based on Redis. 26/02/2023
StefanOlsen.Optimizely.Events.Sockets 1.2.0 Stefan Olsen 34 Efficient Optimizely EventProvider based on .NET Sockets. 26/02/2023
Stott.Optimizely.RobotsHandler 2.5.0 Mark Stott 399 Provides an Admin interface in Optimizely CMS 12 for managing robots.txt files. A controller responds to the /robots.txt path and returns the appropriate content specific to the site. 10/02/2023
Swapcode.Optimizely.AuditLog 1.3.0 Antti Alasvuo 5 Log content access right changes to Optimizely activity log (change log under admin -> tools). 14/01/2023
TechFellow.Optimizely.AdvancedContentArea 6.0.1 Valdis Iljuconoks, https://tech-fellow.net 73 Twitter Bootstrap aware Optimizely Content Area Renderer (and much more). 13/02/2023
TechFellow.Optimizely.AdvancedContentArea.Forms 6.0.1 Valdis Iljuconoks, https://tech-fellow.net 8 Twitter Bootstrap aware Optimizely Content Area Renderer (and much more). 13/02/2023
TSC.Client.API 1.0.0 Globalization Partners International 1035 Package Description 14/01/2022
TSC.Client.Optimizely 4.0.1 Globalization Partners International 401 The GPI Translation Services Connector for Optimizely enables users of Optimizely CMS-based websites to launch and manage multi-language websites. GPI's Translation Services Connector streamlines content exports and imports allowing for the initiation of web content translation workflows with a single click. Users will gain access to an array of reports to track and manage global translation web projects through GPI's Translation Portal. The benefits of the GPI Translation Services Connector for Optimizely include: • Easy integration with Optimizely. • Simplified import/export process for content translation workflows. • 24/7 secure access for your global teams to collaborate and track translation projects. • Quotes, proposals and a wide range of project materials available for download. • Dashboard to view status reports, schedules and project task lists. 14/01/2022
UNRVLD.ODP.VisitorGroups 1.3.0 Andrew Markham,David Knipe 1096 A collection of visitor groups querying customer data within the Optimizely Data Platform. 07/02/2023
Widen.Optimizely.ApiClient 1.0.1 Luminos Labs 2 Responsible for making requests to the Widen API 17/03/2023
Widen.Optimizely.DamConnector 1.0.1 Luminos Labs 2 Widen Connector for bringing Digital Assets into the Optimizely platform 17/03/2023
Widen.Optimizely.DamConnector.Commerce 1.0.1 Luminos Labs 2 Allows Widen Assets to be used with Commerce Entities (Categories, Products, Variants, etc) 17/03/2023
Widen.Optimizely.DamConnector.Find 1.0.1 Luminos Labs 2 Disables Episerver Find from indexing Widen Assets 17/03/2023